Vincent Xeus - Becoming - huile sur bois - 46 x 35 cm - 5000 €

History is made by extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. We invite you to play a role in making art history by supporting, collecting and attending these fine art exhibitions and events at two of the top galleries in the world with 15 of the leading American artists in realism today. 

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Americans in Paris

Americans in Paris

“PARIS” the city of light, the capital of fine art, fashion, and cuisine. With museums housing many of the most famous paintings in the world, top fashion houses creating elegant collections, renown chefs serving up delicacies, authors and poets conjuring up unforgettable tales, its no wonder artists flock to this enchanting city.

Paris celebrates the beauty of life everywhere you look and offers a world of inspiration. Throughout history artists have found this inspiration and gained much knowledge by traveling to this great influential city, to stand before the master paintings in the grand museums of Paris, walk the dim lit streets at night and gather a multitude of inspiration. American artists such as James Whistler, John Singer Sargent, Cecilia Beaux to Mary Cassatt, have spent time here to study not only the masterworks on the walls, but with the masters themselves such as Bouguereau and Carolus-Duran, hence creating some of the most iconic work in their lifetimes.

The tradition continues today, as a group of fifteen American representational artists journey to Paris together and have created a new collection of work for a bi continental exhibition this May of 2018, based on their voyage. Following in the footsteps of the great American painters before them, this group of well known American representational artists from various schools and regions of the US, travelled to France last year. There they painted together, studied the masters face to face at the top Museums, gleaned how literature can play a role in inspire great paintings, influenced one another with their colors, styles and subjects, discussed artists from past, and painted on location, capturing the ethereal light of the city.

From their voyage each artist has created a new set of paintings to exhibit together this May 2018 in Los Angeles and Paris France. Weather they took inspiration from the actual works of American Artists who spent time there, perhaps a self portrait by Chase or Sargent, they were influenced by a French novel they read by Flaubert, a poem by Baudelaire. Perhaps they captured enchanting lights of the city, or were inspired by the multitude of blues and greys that changed their palette. Some were inspired by floral still life’s they saw on the walls of the Musée D’Orsay, others by the movement in the Rodin Sculptures. Yet others were inspired by the world of fashion, the rich interiors with velvet sofas and guilded mirrors, or the historical monuments and architecture that abounds. Each took a part of Paris back with them that will appear in their new paintings. We will see first hand how the experience of Paris played a role in shaping their works of today.

The voyage and exhibition concept “Americans in Paris” created by Franco- American artist and writer Vanessa Françoise Rothe aims to re create the movements of the late 1800’s in Paris where artists, such as the Impressionists, often painted together and created group exhibitions, influencing one another with their subjects and styles and supporting one another. “The goal is to encourage greater artist camaraderie and social discussions among professional fine artists of today. To prompt us to share our visions and inspirations as artists have done for generations.” explains Rothe

Sampling from diverse backgrounds and schools such as the Florence Academy of Art, Grand Central Academy, California Institute of Art, Laguna College of Art and Design, and of course close studies with masters such as Richard Schmid,  the participating Artists include: Casey Baugh, Candice Bohannon, Ryan Brown, Casey Childs, Michelle Dunaway, Michael Klein, Olga Krimon, Brendan Johnston, Jeremy Lipking, Nicolas Martin, Julio Reyes, Vanessa Rothe, Aaron Westerberg, Katie Whipple, Vincent Xeus. And joining us at the Paris gallery will be Joshua La Rock, Shane Wolf, and Richard Thomas Scott.

The Bi Continental exhibitions, Opening May 12th, 2018 at Arcadia Contemporary a leading Realist gallery in Los Angeles California, and the second at Galerie L’Oeil du Prince in Paris France, will present their finished works as a group. This exciting new collection will feature self portraits, still life’s, landscapes, figures, and cityscapes. The works, ranging from small 8×10 on location studies to larger 24×30” masterworks, will all have a link to a Paris based inspiration that will be called out on the wall placard explaining their influence.

The group is honored to be hosted by two of the leading galleries in the world for realism. Two sets of paintings will be created, one for Arcadia Contemporary in Los Angeles and one set for Galerie L’Oeil du Prince, Paris. Each gallery will have their own collection catalog and sales. The exhibitions will kick off in Los Angeles at Arcadia Contemporary owned by Steve Diamant, widely known as one of the leading galleries of representational artwork today. A beautiful second installment and rare exhibition will be found at the prestigious Galerie L’Oeil du Prince one of the leading contemporary figurative galleries in Paris. Viewing their works together as a collection in this exhibition, we will discover more about what the artists experienced while overseas, and will discuss how they influenced one another. Noting as well perhaps how they were inspired by the past, and giving clues to what lies ahead for their works and styles in the future.

The long awaited collection from this fine selection of artists will be available in a digital catalog approximately one week prior to the opening in Los Angeles.

PARIS: We will be traveling to PARIS France as a group of artists and collectors, and have an itinerary from Wednesday May 23rd to Saturday afternoon May 26th of Museum tours of the RODIN and the D O’rsay, lectures by the curators in historic ateliers with north light, live painting sessions with the artists on the SEINE river where Renoir stood just 20 min north of Paris on the RER, lunch in a setting similar to where Manet painted the ‘Dejeuner sur l’Herbe’. For more information on this voyage to Paris, please contact me, and we can plan your journey.

We thank you all for being a patron of the arts and for playing an important role in the present, and the future, world of fine art.