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André Lundquist was born in 1972 in Copenhagen, where he received his initial training with the painter Therese Dragshøj (1909-1998). His graphic studies under the tutelage ofPeter Martensen (who is represented at the Galerie danoise in Paris) have clearly left their mark on the artist’s technique and may explain his penchant for creating tensions between the figures and shapes he creates and the canvas weave on which they are painted.
In 1999 recipient of a scholarship from the Beckett Foundation, he has a residency in thesouth of Spain at the Valparaiso Foundation. Under his stay, seeking for new inspirations he wanders around the residence, which is nestled between orchards and olive groves, with magnificent views to the Mediterranean coast and the Sierra Cabrera and sometimes also heads off to the south of France. From those trips remain both feelings and sensations, which Lundquist translates into light and colors.If one decides to enter the world of his painting, Lundquist promises emotions. His figurative painting is sensual and timeless. 
Grace, lightness, peace … are other words to describe André Lundquist’s paintings. His work is characterized by a silent poetry that allows the viewer to enter each painting peacefully, without fear. This is a tour de force, because for the most part, the women hesketches, paints and brings to life on the canvas, are depicted in their intimacy. They are sitting, standing, lying down, kneeling … and yet one never gets the feeling of any form of voyeurism at his end. These women are like freeze frames that let break a more complex story under their skin pigments, behind the iris of their eyes … Visual metaphors, they aresometimes like the mirror of our own experiences, sometimes like an open door, behind which the viewer can give free rein to his imagination. Within each of these women are a thousand stories, a thousand situations to relate to or not. Lundquist mixes oil, ink, charcoal, crayon, wallpaper. These overlays giving originality to his works got him to be recently noticed and honored by the jury of the Taylor Foundation. The Foundation awarded him a prize, on the occasion of his participation to the 2013’s Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’Eau at the Grand Palais in Paris. These palimpsests, sometimesin pastel colors, sometimes in bright ones, are the creations of a fine colorist whose parentage goes back to the late nineteenth / early twentieth century. Lundquist’s fascination with masters such as Gauguin, Schiele, Modigliani, Munch, Willumsen or HeleneSchjerfbeck is undeniable, but his art is constantly changing. Some of his contemporariesinspire him too. H. Craig Hanna, Cathrine Raben Davidsen or Francoise de Felice among others.
In addition to his representation at Galerie l’Oeil du Prince, Lundquist is to be found in Denmark at Galleri Knud Grothe (Copenhagen), Galleri LABR (Roskilde) and Galleri V58(Århus). In Norway, at Galleri Nobel (Oslo). In the Netherlands, at European Art Makers(Amsterdam). He is also present in many private collections in Paris, New York, Salamanca,Barcelona, London and Geneva.
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