Richard Thomas Scott


Technique : Painting

Synopsis : Born in 1980 in USA, Richard T Scott is working between New York and Paris. Renowned painter of figurative art, he is the most faithful alumnus of Odd Nerdrum, great Norwegian painter. He kept the house of his master during two years in Maison Laffitte (FRANCE). Richard T Scott is also the best friend of Adam Miller. The main goal of the artist is to explore the depth of the human soul.

Le Rêve Américain
When I was a child, I dreamt of America: of revolutionaries and cowboys. I dreamt of brave men conquering the wild frontier, battling their way westward to the ocean, to achieve the natural destiny that God laid before them. As an adolescent I dreamt of the savages and the slaves in the field, cumulus clouds bending over their backs. I dreamt of the war between brothers, and glory of the southern cause. I celebrated abolition and the great march toward freedom, equal rights for blacks, not realizing my hypocrisy. I lived in the world of Leave it to Beaver, the world of Don Draper. I did not know that all my life I dreamt white dreams – the dreams of white men. It was my legacy for the taking, and the wealth of the American dream was for me, but it was not for the blacks, or the indians, it was not the legacy of women. No, it was built upon their backs.

It is only now that I can begin to understand it myself. What profound romanticism in what we aspire to be, and such tragedy in what we are! America is a pantheon of martyrs. It is the illicit seduction, the taboo, the forbidden.
The American Dream is a warm gun.

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Working between New York and Paris, Richard T Scott is known for his post-contemporary figurative paintings and his writing on aesthetic theory and contemporary art.
His work has exhibited frequently at the National Arts Club, NY and Le Grand Palais, Paris, Palazzo Cini in Venice, the Museum of New Art in Detroit, and is part of collections worldwide such as the former British Arts Minister Alan Howarth of Newport, Morad El Hattab, Robert C. Kennedy Ph.D, and prominent collector of Andrew Wyeth: Dr. Richard Epes.  Richard’s work has sold at auction in the “Take Home a Nude” exhibition at Sotheby’s and Phillips de Pury & Company alongside Eric Fischl, Vincent Desiderio, and John Currin.

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