Thomas Bossard


Technique : Painting

“I was born in Poitiers, France, and I live in Toulouse where I have been working for several years for the Théâtre du Capitole as a painter-decorator. Working for this historical theater enabled me to express my artistic palette in all its richness: illustration, painting, scenography, frescoes, photography … In the course of my career I also created story-boards for different short movies and promotional films. I painted plates’ ornaments for the Movitex company and for the porcelain factory Deshoulières, decors for Models Heller and posters for numerous shows. Since 2005, I mainly dedicate myself to my painting and participate in various cultural events.”

Thomas Bossard

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3 avenue Foch à BIARRITZ
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Bossard as seen by F.-C. Baitinger, philosopher

« Like a child brilliantly spoofing adult life, Thomas Bossard is not only a talented painter but also a great humorist (…). As a loyal disciple of James Ensor and Honoré Daumier, Thomas Bossard has a taste for drama and an eye for portrait painting.  Along with these two qualities, one has yet to add the innocence- or even the tenderness- with which he mocks his own subjects. Here is, if I may say, what really characterizes the style of this artist. Whatever the subject or character be, Thomas Bossard always succeed to make us feel, with great intensity, the humanity exuding from a clumsy gesture, an improper behavior or a certain cheekiness. (…) »

Frédéric-Charles Baitinger, Artup-Mag.


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