Thomas Dodd

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Technique : Peinture

Synopsis : Living in Atlanta (USA). The images that Dodd creates are basically a visual equivalent of the music he composed in the 1990s (Musical group Trio Nocturna). Mythic themes and their relation to emotions and psychological states continue to be is primary subjects and motivations.

Exhibition :
3 avenue Foch à BIARRITZ
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Thomas Dodd is an Atlanta-based photographer and digital artist whose work blurs the line between photography and classical art. Mythological and religious themes abound in his work ; sometimes with a twisted tongue-in-cheek approach, and at others reverently paying homage to the Old Master traditions that influence his vision.
Although his artwork resembles paintings, it is actually in the realm of photography, but Dodd’s creations are much more than simple manipulated photos. His images have an organic feel that never looks assembled or computer-generated and he shuns the commonly used digital ”cut and paste” cliches, preferring instead to asemble his scenery, costumes, and models at the time of principal photography. There are many layers to Dodd’s work and his pieces can yield new interpretations upon multiple viewings. His symbolic and psychological approach to art is a truly unique and multi-faceted vision.

Oeuvres de l’artiste

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